Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mother - Daughter Jaquito Set!

Many of the t-shirts I use have designs on both front and back. So why not make a matching pair? These may be the cutest jaquitos yet: a matching mother-daughter set. Keep Smiling!

Vintage French ad for face powder in bright yellow, pink, and red. Fun custom buttons in pink and orange. Mother's stretchy denim jacket is size medium; four pockets on the front. Child's denim jacket is ten inches across the back.


  1. Hi Stepahnie, I don't see any recent posts. Are you still making Jaquitos? I have a large "patch" from an old Jean jacket that I'd love to have put on a new jacket. Is this something you can do? Thank you! Leslie Molnar.

    1. Yes, I'm still making them! Thanks for your interest. I'll send you an email.