Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Custom Jaquitos -- choose your design!

Unique tee + jacket = jaquito!If you want a ready-made jaquito, please see my posts from October and November. If you want to Choose Your Own Jaquito, scroll through these t-shirt designs. Leave a comment saying which one you like, and your jacket size. I'll find a jacket that will fit you and coordinate with the t-shirt. I then cut out the t-shirt design and sew it on the back of the jacket. Same price as ready made -- $35. (Or, provide your own jacket, for $25.)

"Rockin' Rebel" brown tee. Would look great on a brown or dark denim jacket.
Black and white Eiffel Tower tee. The sparkly front of this t-shirt can be found on the back of a light blue corduroy jacket, in my November post -- that's why the back is shown already cut out.
 This Moulin Rouge t-shirt has two sides: the front is sparkly, while the back is subtle. Would look great with brown, pink, red, or denim.
 Navy blue Los Angeles tee. Would look great on a denim or a neutral khaki jacket.
More tattoo art! "Rock and Roll Forever" tee would look great on denim, brown, or orange.
Even more tattoo art, with a BRIGHT orange background!

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