Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Custom Jaquitos -- choose your design!

Unique tee + jacket = jaquito!If you want a ready-made jaquito, please see my posts from October and November. If you want to Choose Your Own Jaquito, scroll through these t-shirt designs. Leave a comment saying which one you like, and your jacket size. I'll find a jacket that will fit you and coordinate with the t-shirt. I then cut out the t-shirt design and sew it on the back of the jacket. Same price as ready made -- $35. (Or, provide your own jacket, for $25.)

"Rockin' Rebel" brown tee. Would look great on a brown or dark denim jacket.
Black and white Eiffel Tower tee. The sparkly front of this t-shirt can be found on the back of a light blue corduroy jacket, in my November post -- that's why the back is shown already cut out.
 This Moulin Rouge t-shirt has two sides: the front is sparkly, while the back is subtle. Would look great with brown, pink, red, or denim.
 Navy blue Los Angeles tee. Would look great on a denim or a neutral khaki jacket.
More tattoo art! "Rock and Roll Forever" tee would look great on denim, brown, or orange.
Even more tattoo art, with a BRIGHT orange background!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jaquitos for the Holidays!

I'm making a few more jaquitos to sell for the holidays, with a francophone theme. If you see one you like or want, leave me a comment! I can also do custom work.Rose corduroy jean-style jacket, medium, with handwarmer pockets outside and handy pockets inside! On the back, lovely art deco style advertisement for a Paris bicycle shop, featuring rosy flowers on an aquamarine background.

Beige twill blazer, size 6, with a pink flower motif! Sparkly pink image on the back, in French. Flowery buttons on the front including a permanent pink boutonniere.
Pale blue corduroy Land's End jacket, size large. On the back, a HUGE scene of Paris, starring the Eiffel Tower, complete with sparkles!
Here's the first one that's ready. The jacket is a Ralph Lauren denim blazer, size medium. The t-shirt design on the back is a lovely purple with the word Paris and the Eiffel tower. Two silver-toned buttons.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jaquitos for Sale!

I recently caught the sewing bug and this is what came of it:Jacket + t-shirt + unique decorations = jaquito!I scour the thrift stores for high-quality jackets and interesting t-shirt designs. I wash the items thoroughly, then sew the t-shirt design onto the jacket, and add unique embellishments like patches and custom buttons.  Here’s a favorite of mine: a red corduroy blazer with sparkly rock star motif on the back. Custom openwork star buttons on front and cuffs.Rock Star Red Blazer BACKRock Star Red Blazer FRONTThis jaquito is made of lovely, soft brown corduroy. Flower embroidery on the yoke complements the carefree bicycle image. Spanish text. Butterfly applique on front pocket. image    imageThis is a black velvet overshirt with snap buttons. New York City music festival graphic on the back (the roses are sparkly!); butterfly applique on front pocket.

image     imageDo you dream of a Hawaiian vacation? You’ll enjoy this vintage image on the back. Tattoo art blue bird on the front pocket. Red corduroy, zips closed. image    imageSOLD. I love tattoo art. Here’s a classic look: jeans jacket, with colorful rainbow wings and “love” heart on the back. Red rose applique on the sleeve. SOLD.Heart Tat Blue Denim BACK  Heart Tat Blue Denim FRONTFinally, this pink overshirt has rose tattoo art inside AND out. Pink rose patch on the sleeve. Flower buttons on front pockets. Rose Tat Pink Lined BACKRose Tat Pink Lined Front All these are medium-sized and priced at $35. Please leave a comment if you're interested in buying one, or in a custom order! Merci!